What is "Pony" Fur?

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First of all, let's get some things straight about the term, "pony" when it comes to describing this beautiful material. Pony is NOT from small horses, it is a description that describes the look and feel more than the source.

Pony is one of many terms to describe what, in actuality, is a special calfskin. Other terms have included "Pony hair," "Pony Suede," "Haircell," "Calfskin fur," and "Calf fur" depending on the designer. 

Pony has been used over the decades for luxury handbags, women's shoes, and even furniture coverings or pillows. Even today, one can find pony fur used by such brands as Hermès, Fendi, Gucci, YSL, Louis Vuitton, and virtually everyone else because of its eye-catching looks and it's ability to be easily dyed into rich, vibrant colors and patterns such as fuchsias, neons, and most commonly, leopard skin patterns. When you see a leopard skin bag, what you're seeing is most likely pony fur.

Good quality pony fur is costly because, unlike normal leather, you cannot hide holes or blemishes. The quality of a good pony hide is significantly better than cowhide.

Güs found the most luxurious, and arguably the best, pony fur in Italy. We asked them to provide us with rich, earthy tones called "Latte" and "Mocha." Both are stunning and feel wonderful to the touch.

So, now you know – pony is cow leather or calfskin, and not from a small horse or unicorn. It’s a beautiful material, which we hope you enjoy. 


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