About Us

Güs is a family-based business founded by two brothers who have a bit of experience designing and manufacturing products overseas. The goal was develop new wallets and accessories for "today's modern lifestyle" but have true artisans of Italy manufacture the products using traditional tools and techniques whenever possible.

Then, when it came to the materials, we searched far and wide for leathers and other material that truly differentiated our products from mass-produced, inexpensively-sourced, solutions from cheaper factories. We literally trekked the world's trade shows looking for top quality leathers, linings, zipper, and even the thread so that we could craft a superior product.

The result is "Güs." Named after the family dog, Güs represents our best efforts, always. Everything we make is designed by us and manufactured in small studios in Italy that have been around for generations. Our leather line uses vegetable-tanned saddle leather, our alligator is from one of the finest exotic tanneries in the world, and the pony-style calfskin we use is the finest we have ever seen - sourced from Tuscany.

The zippers we use are the finest, hand-polished, custom made zippers from YKK's home factory in Japan. Our name badges are fashioned from Sterling silver (92.5% pure) on the Alligator collection and 24k gold on our Pony collection. Even the thread we use is the finest sewing thread available from Germany.